iPod Shuffle is a digital audio player introduced by Apple. It is commonly used as music player for self refreshment. Nowadays it’s commonly seen that iPod Shuffle users lose their music files. There are various scenarios due to which data loss occur in this music player for example accidental deletion, Virus attack and many more. These data loss scenarios can be resolved easily by using iPod recovery tool.

iPod recovery tool specially  designed for performing file recovery from iPod Shuffle and restore files from iPod Shuffle efficiently within few simple mouse clicks.. It can restore almost all types of audio file format like MP3, WAV, AMR, MP4, AIFF etc. It can also retrieve audio files from various models of iPod devices like iPod Classic, iPod Mini, iPod Nano. To know how to retrieve files from iPod Nano click on this link: http://www.ipodrecoverywindows.com/nano.html.

Scenarios responsible for file loss in iPod Shuffle:

  • Human error: Human error is always the main cause for music file loss. The music files from iPod Shuffle can be accidentally deleted by selecting Delete All option. In times like this you can make use of our reliable software to retrieve files from iPod Shuffle.
  • Improper handling of iPod: If iPod Shuffle is removed abruptly from the computer during file transfer process, then it may be corrupted due to which it becomes unreadable. Hence the valuable music files are lost. But, you can execute file recovery from iPod Shuffle, by using services of iPod recovery tool.
  • iPod Shuffle error: Sometimes, when iPod Shuffle is accessed under preferences of iTunes you may get an error message like "No iPod connected" . Hence you cannot access the music files stored in the iPod Shuffle. However, by using this restoration software you can restore files from iPod Shuffle.
  • File system corruption: File system organizes and manages files in iPod Shuffle but sometimes file system of the device may get corrupted due to some unknown reason and you may come across error message like "iTunes.exe-corrupt file" this error message does not allow to access iPod Shuffle files, hence music files are lost. To resolve this problem and to retrieve files from iPod Shuffle simply make use of iPod recovery tool.

Features of iPod recovery software:

  • iPod recovery software can recover deleted music files from iPod Shuffle and other iPod devices.
  • It not only supports file recovery from iPod Shuffle, but it can recover files of various types like pictures and videos from all popular iPod models including iPod Classic, iPod Nano, iPod Mini and other popular iPod audio video models.
  • There are numerous situations under which iPod Shuffle becomes stop responding or dead. With iPod recovery tool you can even restore files from dead iPod. To get better knowledge about dead iPod recovery login to this site: http://www.ipodrecoverywindows.com/get-files-off-dead.html.
  • It can even restore data from formatted iPod, corrupted iPod, frozen iPod etc. in a consistent way.
  • The tool works well with both Windows and Mac operating system. There is separate build for iPod recovery on Mac and Windows.

Steps to restore files from iPod Shuffle:

Step 1: Connect the iPod Shuffle to your computer to carry out file recovery from iPod Shuffle. Now download and install free demo version of iPod recovery software. Select "Recover Photos" from main screen. And then choose "Recover Lost Photos" option to recover files from iPod Shuffle as shown in fig1

Retrieve Files from iPod Shuffle - Main Window

fig1: Main Window

Step 2: Select the iPod Shuffle for scan process from which you need to recover files as shown in fig2.

Retrieve Files from iPod Shuffle - Select iPod Shuffle

fig2: Select iPod Shuffle

Step 3: Once scanning is over, all files can be restored, you can preview the recovered files using Preview options as shown in fig3. To save these recovered files you need to purchase complete version of this tool.

Retrieve Files from iPod Shuffle - Preview Recovered Files

fig3: Preview Recovered Files