iPod is the one of the most loved digital gadget by millions of people across the world for its style and sophisticated features. People use iPod to save their favorite pictures, videos and most loved music tracks. However a small blunder is enough to take away your valuable photos and files stored on iPod.

To carry and see their precious pictures, many of the users prefer to use digital gadgets like iPods. iPod has a good color display, which offers the best look of your favorite pictures whenever you like. Though it’s reliable, there are many cases where users have unintentionally erased the priceless photos stored on iPod in several instances or sometimes deletion due to corruption of iPod. So you need to know how to restore corrupted iPod.

iPod photo recovery software is very easy to use to know how to recover deleted photos iPod. Using this tool it is very simple to restore songs from iPod and other media files from iPod. It will retrieve more than 300 types of file format including pictures, emails, songs, text files, videos, RAW images, etc. This software helps to iPod recovery Windows and Mac OS X.

Factors responsible for deletion of photos from iPod:

Common user mistake: Human mistake has always been the leading cause of data loss. The photos from iPod can be accidentally deleted by selecting wrong audio files from iTunes playlist or selecting restore option in iPod unintentionally.

Incomplete Transfer process: Suppose you want to transfer your photos from memory card to your iPod. First, you have to copy photos from memory card to your computer, and then you have to synchronize it using iTunes in your system to transfer them into your iPod. During this transfer process, there is a chance that your photos might get corrupted.

Disconnecting iPod: Pictures from iPod can be deleted due to improper removal of iPod from computer. This may interrupt the file transfer or songs update process in the iPod resulting in iPod file system corruption. Therefore, you may encounter strange error messages when you connect the iPod to the computer next time.

Malware Attack: If some harmful malware or virus has corrupted the file system of your iPod then it may not allow you to access the files present on it. A virus might duplicate your original files, which may result in loss of files from iPod.

Follow some precautions to avoid deletion of photos from iPod:

  • Use antivirus in your system and regularly update it after particular interval of time.
  • Use reliable and strong power source to avoid sudden system shutdown.
  • Eject device properly before detaching it from your PC or laptop.
  • Avoid using sift +delete key combination for deleting files.

Features of iPod photo recovery software:

  • This utility rigorous scans the iPod disk sector to identify and restore files from iPod Shuffle, iPod Mini, iPod Classic and iPod Nano models.
  • It is also possible to get back lost images from iPod after formatting, corruption, sync errors or restoring iPod to its factory settings.
  • Using this tool you can even recover files from dead iPod. This software scans the dead iPod rigorously and recovers all the files from it. Go to this page to read more: www.ipodrecoverywindows.com/get-files-off-dead.html
  • In addition to pictures, you can also get back various video and music file formats from iPod by using their unique file signatures.
  • You can even do deleted picture recovery from memory cards, USB drives, hard drives, external hard drives on both Windows and Mac platforms. So you can retrieve iPod from Windows and Mac OS X.

Know how to recover photos from iPod by following the steps below:

Step 1: Download and install free demo version of iPod Photo Recovery Software. After installation select “RECOVER PHOTOS” from main screen.

iPod Recovery Windows - Main Window

Step 2: Select iPod from which the photo needs to be recovered. Software starts scanning process.

iPod Recovery Windows - Select Drive

Step 3: You can preview the recovered file in the list of “FILE TYPE VIEW / DATA VIEW”.

iPod Recovery Windows - View in File Type View