iPod is the portable digital media player. It supports almost all music file formats such as MP3, WAV and AAC. It has so many models available in the market. iPods are also used as a storage device. You can store songs from your Mac computer or from Windows computer to iPod.

No one like to lose their favorite music collection from iPod, but there are some unavoidable scenarios like accidental deletion of files, iTunes errors while restoring iPod, unintentional formatting of iPod’s disk space, flashing question mark and synchronization error makes user to lose his music files from iPod. Digital file loss from iPod is common now days, but how fast user reacts to overcome lose of files is important, because files can be recovered only before overwriting the disk space of iPod. There is iPod recovery software which helps to restore corrupted iPod.

iPod recovery software designed with special algorithm and strong scanning technique that helps in recover songs from iPod devices. It recovers almost all types of music file format like WAV, AIFF, AMR, MP4 etc. It can recover audio and video files from various models of iPod devices. This software is compatible with iPod recovery Windows and Mac operating system. It also allows you to recover iPod Nano.

Common scenarios responsible for deletion or loss of songs from iPod:

Human error: Human error has always been the leading for cause of data loss. The songs from iPod can be accidentally deleted by selecting wrong audio files from iTunes playlist or selecting restore option in iPod unintentionally.

Improper handling of iPod: Another reason behind iPod data loss is improper usage of the iPod. Removing the iPod abruptly from the computer while the file transfer between the iPod and the computer is not completed, leads to iPod data corruption. Sometimes, you may encounter error messages like "Cannot disconnect generic volume at this time. Disconnect at later time”. In such cases if you disconnect the iPod improperly, it may result in iPod crash resulting in valuable data loss.

iPod error: Sometimes, when you try to access the iPod under preferences of iTunes you may get an error message like "No iPod connected" i.e. you cannot access the files stored in the iPod. The reasons behind this error message may be iTunes issues, disk structure corruption issues or corrupted iPod files.

Failed synchronization: The iPod is synchronized with the iTunes when it is plugged to any computer so as perform any data transfer process. However, if the synchronization process is interrupted or failed due to any reason then it results in iPod data loss including the valuable music files.

Features of iPod recovery software:

  • iPod recovery software has powerful algorithms to restore deleted images from iPod including videos and audios from iPods.
  • It support all popular iPod models including iPod Classic, iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle , iPod Nano and other popular iPod audio video models.
  • This tool supports audio file formats (including MP3, MP4, WAV, MIDI and more) and all major photo file format (including JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, GIF etc.).
  • There are several situations under which iPod becomes dead and stop responding. With iPod recovery tool user can even recover files from dead iPod. To learn more about dead iPod recovery refer this site:https://www.ipodrecoverywindows.com/get-files-off-dead.html

  • It can be used to restore data from frozen iPod, formatted iPod, corrupted iPod etc. in a reliable way.
  • The software works well with Windows as well as Mac operating system. There is separate build for iPod recovery on Windows and Mac.

Necessary steps to recover songs from iPod:

Step 1: Download and install free demo version of iPod recovery software. After installation select “RECOVER PHOTOS” from main screen.

iPod Recovery Windows - Main Window

Step 2: Now you will have to choose the iPod from which you have deleted songs data after from list of identified drives and click on NEXT.

iPod Recovery Windows - Select Drive

Step 3: Software scans the iPod and display the recovered files in the list of “FILE TYPE VIEW” or “DATA VIEW”.

iPod Recovery Windows - scan the drive

Follow some precautions to avoid deletion or loss of songs from iPod:

  • Backup your important iPod data regularly.
  • Make sure that all the applications are properly closed before shutting down or restarting the computer.
  • Take proper steps to protect your iPod as well as the computer free from Virus attack in order to avoid data loss due to iPod corruption.